Managing User Roles for Property Inspections on Happy Co.

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What Are Roles?

Every user on Happy Inspector is assigned a Role when their account is created. This user roles are independent of the user roles within Buildium. For example, if the user is an Administrator in Buildium that does not mean they are an Administrator in Happy Inspector. At this time, if a change is made to the user role in either, it will not affect the user role of the other.

These roles determine exactly which functions the user is able to perform. Certain functions such as removing data, and editing the account are restricted to Administrator and Process Managers. There are currently 4 main Roles.

Administrators have the highest level of capability. This includes the ability to manage company information, billing and users. They can also manage templates, reports and other operations related items.

Process Managers have the ability to manage company operations with templates, inspections and reports. Large companies may have many Process Managers.

Inspectors can perform inspections and share reports.

Limited Inspectors can perform inspections and generate reports, but do not possess the ability to customize or share them.

Updating the Role of a Team Member

To change a user’s Role login to Happy Manage and go to the Company Management screen:

  • click on the user you wish to update
  • click their current Role
  • select the new Role from the dropdown
  • the change will be applied immediately.

Once you've updated a user's access ensure your team member refreshes their Happy Inspector app after you change their details to ensure the update is pulled down from Happy Manage. To refresh Happy Inspector, have your team member pull down on their list of folders, and their list of units, inspections and/or templates.


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