Depending on your role, you may not need to manage all text message communications daily, but do want to keep access to the messages page. You can now unfollow message threads so you aren't constantly being notified.

There are two different areas of Buildium where you can unfollow messages:

  1. Profile photo icon > My settings
  2. Communication > Messages, then clicking on Text message accounts.

Once a thread is unfollowed, it will appear in a separate inbox called Unfollowed. This can be found by clicking the page title on the Messages page — think of this as a filter within the inbox.

  • The My Settings messages setting will allow you to Unfollow all threads immediately, and then by default will not follow any new message threads from that point forward.

    NOTE: Just because someone is defaulted to unfollow all, does NOT mean they cannot then choose to follow certain people. It just means that new threads will be defaulted to unfollow
  • The Text message accounts page will allow you to pick and choose which threads to follow in an easy-to-use bulk fashion.


If you unfollow all threads, you will not receive any notifications, and the text message inbox will appear empty.  In order to see threads, you will need to change the view of your inbox to the Unfollowed view. 

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