Introducing Buildium's Showings Coordinator, powered by Tenant Turner

We’ve teamed up with Tenant Turner to automate pre-qualification, scheduling, follow-ups, and prospective tenant management. Set your calendar availability and we’ll handle the rest!


Tenant Turner's robust web-based prospective tenant scheduling software works for you 24/7, whether you have a dozen rentals or thousands, and is backed by their passionate customer support team. All of your prospective tenants are ushered through a Fair Housing complaint pre-qualification process. Tenant Turner scores each one based on your criteria and lets only qualified tenants schedule a viewing. 

    • Book showings faster
      • Prospective tenants can instantly schedule showing appointments online, from email, or by receiving a text to their phones.
    • Fit showings into your schedule
      • Sync your calendar and showings will be scheduled only during the times that you are available.
    • Send instant responses
      • Send automatic email or text responses to prospective tenants when they request to see a unit.
    • Stay organized
      • See the status of all your listings, showings, and prospects in one place.
    • Find the best tenants
      • Prospective tenants will be asked to complete pre-qualification questions before seeing the availability for your listing.
    • Manage all listings in single place
      • One login and one set of actions to manage the end-to-end listing process means less errors and more time spent on what matters most. When you remove a listing in Buildium, it’s automatically updated in Tenant Turner.
    • Use on the go
      • Access Showings Coordinator from Buildium's mobile app, and view your leads, showings and reports on-the-go with no need to sign-in.



Watch our joint webinar with Tenant Turner

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