Association tenant tracking

When you manage homeowner or condo associations, the ability to communicate with all residents is important. Whether you need to send an email about a broken elevator or an invitation to a neighborhood barbecue, you want to make sure anyone who occupies a unit is able to get valuable information in a timely fashion.

If the owner of an association unit rents their unit to a tenant, you can track the tenant's contact information within Buildium.

Keeping tenant contact information will allow you to send emails to both association owners and the tenants that rent their units, ensuring that vital messages are communicated to all residents of an association.

Add a tenant when you are adding a new association ownerShowHide

  1. Navigate to Associations > Ownership accounts.
  2. Click Add account.
  3. Fill out the Add owner form.
  4. Under the tenants section, click Add tenant information and fill out the details. Make sure to include an email address for communication purposes.
  5. When you've completed the tenant information, click Create tenant, and move on to the rest of the form.



Add a tenant to an existing association unit:ShowHide

  1. Navigate to Associations > Association owners and tenants.
  2. Click Add tenant to add a tenant to an existing ownership account.
  3. Fill out the form with the Association name and unit number, lease dates, and contact information.


  4. When you complete the form, click Create tenant.
  5. The tenant will now appear in the list on the main Association owners and tenants page, and you can filter by owner or tenant.
  6. The tenant will have their own summary page, and will appear along with the owner on the ownership account.

Send an email to association owners and tenants who occupy HOA units:ShowHide

  1. Navigate to Communication > Emails.
  2. Click Compose email.
  3. Select Add recipients, then use the drop down menu to filter the group to Association tenants.
  4. Check the box to select each recipient, then click Close.
  5. Repeat the steps above and filter to Association owners to add the owners of the units to the same email.



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