How do I edit an association owner payment?

You can edit certain fields on association owner payments that have been recorded in Buildium.

If the payment has been deposited and has been reconciled, only certain fields will be editable. If you need to edit a reconciled payment's amount or deposit bank account, you will need to unreconcile first.

To edit a payment from an association owner:

  1. Type the owner's name into the search bar, then click Ownership account ledger next to their name.
  2. From the account ledger, click on the payment you want to edit.
  3. Click Edit payment.
  4. If the payment has not been deposited you can edit all fields, including:

    • Date
    • Amount
    • Payment method
    • Memo
    • Account type 

  5. If the payment has already been deposited, you can only edit:

    • Date
    • Memo
    • Account type
  6. Make your changes, then click Save.


If you need to edit the amount or payment method of a payment that has already been deposited, you will need to delete the deposit, navigate back to the ownership account ledger, and follow the steps above.

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