How do I print a check from Buildium?

Once you have enabled check printing for a bank account, you are able to print checks directly from Buildium.

Click here to check out a video tutorial on check printing in our accounting cycle courses on Buildium Academy!

To record a check and queue it for printing:

  1. Navigate to Accounting > Banking.
  2. Click on the name bank account you want to write the check from.
  3. Select Record check, and fill out the form.
  4. Instead of entering a check number, check the box that says Queue check for printing.
  5. Fill out the remainder of the form like you would if you were just recording the check transaction, then click Save.


Once the check has been queued for printing, you need to take a second step to print it locally or have Buildium print and mail it for you using our Remote check printing service.

To print a check that has been recorded:

  1. Navigate to Accounting > Banking.
  2. Click Print checks, and select the bank account.
  3. Any check that has been queued for printing in the select bank account will appear on this page.
  4. Buildium will display the next available check number as the Starting check number for you automatically. If you're using pre-printed check stock, remember to make sure the number of your check matches what Buildium suggests. Moving forward, the checks will print in order based on that starting number.
  5. In the Printing method field, select Local printing to print the checks yourself or Remote printing to have Buildium print and mail the checks for you.

    Note: If the Remote printing option is not available, it means you have not set up Buildium's remote check printing. If you'd like Buildium to print and mail your checks, submit a support ticket to activate the option.

  6. Select the checks you want to print by checking the box next to each one, then click Save.


If you choose local printing, once you hit save a PDF will appear with the check information. Make sure your compatible check stock is in the printer, then print the PDF document.

Tip: You might want to print one check first to check alignment and printing options. see "Printer alignment settings" for more information.

If you choose remote check printing, once you hit save the information will be sent to our check printing facility.


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