Bills entered into Buildium are edited in different ways depending on if the bill has been paid or not.

To edit a bill paid in bulk:

If the bill has already been paid in full along with other bills, you will be unable to edit the property, general ledger account and amount. If you need to change this information in the bill, you will need to delete the check that paid the bill first.

If the bills were paid by EFT or you have reconciled the payment and therefore are unable to delete the check and are trying to change the allocation of the amounts within the paid bill, for example principal and interest for a mortgage payment, we recommend making an adjusting entry, rather than changing a past transaction. This ensures your running balance remains as expected over time and gives you a better audit trail of the changes.

For instances where you are trying to change the property that was on the bill at the time it was paid and where you are unable to delete the payment, we recommend a $0 check to move money between properties.

If you’re just looking to edit the general ledger account or the description field on a bill line item then please contact us by emailing We are currently investigating this functionality as a part of our new partial bill pay improvements.

To edit an unpaid bill:

  1. Navigate to Accounting > Bills.
  2. On the bills page, a list of all unpaid bills is displayed.
  3. Click the unpaid bill that you want to edit to see details.
  4. Select Edit bill, and make any necessary changes.
  5. Once changes are complete, click Save.




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