How do I edit a bank deposit I recorded in Buildium?

You can edit certain types bank deposits that have been recorded in Buildium.

If the deposit has been reconciled, only certain fields will be editable.

If the deposit was recorded as an EFT or credit card transaction by a resident using ePay, you will not be able to edit any details.

To edit a bank deposit:

  1. Navigate to Accounting > Banking.
  2. Click on the bank account where the deposit you want to edit was recorded.
  3. Select the deposit transaction by clicking on it.
  4. If the deposit has been manually recorded, you can edit the following areas:

    • The bank account the money was deposited into
    • Date
    • Memo.
    • Other deposit items. 
  5. The Other deposit items section allows you to add amounts into the bank deposit that are not associated with a payment or owner contribution.

    For example, use other deposit items to add an expense reimbursement, like a check from the insurance company, to your bank deposit. You might also use an other deposit item to record laundry income or vending machine income.

  6. When you're done making changes, click Save.


If you need to change the amount of a resident payment or owner contribution included in a deposit, you will need to delete the deposit first, then make the changes to the payment or contribution itself.



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