Announcement: Buildium introduces Eviction Tracking

The eviction process is never an easy thing to deal with - from notices to pay rent or quit, filing with the courts, and preventing payments from coming through (especially if you use online payments)—it can be a lot of work. 

To make the eviction process easier for you and your staff members, Buildium is introducing Eviction Tracking.

The only step you need to take to mark a lease as eviction pending is to change the lease status.

To change the lease status:

  1. Navigate to Rentals > Rent roll.
  2. Click on the lease you want to track the eviction on.
  3. From the lease summary page, click Edit lease.
  4. Check the box to set the lease status to Eviction pending.


When a lease is set to Eviction Pending, Buildium will:


  • Prevent staff from accidentally accepting rent payments, because it disables all “Receive Payment” buttons for that lease 



  • Clearly mark leases as Eviction Pending, so staff is aware that they shouldn’t be accepting payments (this is reflected on the Rent Roll, Outstanding Balances, and the receive payment form as well)



  • Disable online payment functions for residents

  • Cancel all recurring payments, and notify residents that their payments have been cancelled

  • Disable online payments overrides, so users can’t enable the function manually

Once you’re ready to accept payments again (because the dispute has been resolved, hopefully), any Buildium user with lease edit permissions and access to that property can just go to “Edit lease” and uncheck the “Eviction Pending” box. This will re-enable all online payments for the tenant, as well.


Article #: 222970687

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