Announcement: Receive Payments on the Buildium Mobile App

With the Receive Payment tool in Buildium's mobile app, field agents can now collect and record resident payments when on the go - making the rent collection process easier and more efficient.

If you don't have the Buildium app yet, iOS and Android apps are available in the Apple App store and Google Play store.  If you currently have the app, keep an eye out for our latest update and you'll be ready to receive payments on the go!

Just like the receive payment page in Buildium, the mobile tool lets you select a resident and specify the payment details - like when it should post, how it's paid, and to which account types the money should be allocated to.

Since you can record payments you receive from the field, your data is always up-to-date, and you can email the resident a payment receipt immediately.

The Receive Payment tool works with the new Eviction Tracking process in Buildium too,  by providing warnings of a pending eviction, so your field teams don’t accidentally interrupt the eviction process.

How does it work?

The main difference between the web version and the mobile version is that it has been divided into two screens. The first screen captures all the details of the payment, and the second screen allocates the funds to the correct accounts.

Click play on the video below to watch the process for iOS

Click play on the video below to watch the process for Android


1. Launch the app and click receive payment


2. Select a resident from the list.

You can select any resident / lease pair, so if you have tenants on multiple leases, you can select the right one here.

You can also search by name using the search icon on the top right, and this will filter down your list.

When you select a resident, the app will bring you to the payment details page.



3. Enter all of the information about the payment.

On the payment details page, you’ll see the outstanding balance for this resident, and can modify all the information listed.

Choose a posting date, payment method, amount and memo. Some payment methods are not listed here, as something like direct deposit doesn’t make sense when working in the field.

Click Next to be brought to the payment allocation screen to select which balances to apply the payment to.



4. Allocate the payment to the correct ledger accounts.

On the payment allocation page, all balances that the resident currently owes will appear. If the payment is less than the total outstanding balance, it will apply the funds using the standard highest balance-to-lowest balance logic.

If the payment is greater than the outstanding balance, you’ll be prompted to assign it to a new account of your choice.

This means that if you have custom payment allocations set up in your Buildium account, they will not apply when you receive a mobile payment.

When you're done allocating the payment, click Save to update the resident's ledger, and have the data sync into your Buildium account.


There you have it -  a easy to use, rich tool to manage entering payments in the field, using the controls you’re used to on your phone.



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