Creating and using custom email templates

Being able to communicate with your residents, rental owners, and vendors quickly and efficiently is a at top of mind for most property managers. That's why Buildium is excited to introduce custom email templates!

Prior to this release, email templates were static - you could edit, enable or disable them, but there wasn’t a way to add your own email template to get information out to your residents in bulk.

With this new feature, you can create templates for any email type you frequently send - whether it be about a rent increase, an upcoming property inspection, or notice to pay rent or quit.

This feature will keep your custom template in the body of the email, rather than attaching it separately as a PDF as with Buildium's mailings feature. Your email recipients can now view the email without any extra downloads and move on with their busy days.  

To create your own custom email template:

  1. Navigate to Communications > Mailing and email templates.
  2. Mailing templates and email templates are now one in the same, so any mailing templates you already have added into Buildium can be used for emails, too.
  3. Click Add template to create your own email template, or click on any of Buildium's pre-populated templates to customize it. 



When you're ready to use a template in an email:

  1. Navigate to Communication > Emails.
  2. Click Compose email.
  3. Select recipients, then click close.

    Mailing templates will only work by recipient type. If you select a staff member and a tenant as recipients, you will not have the option to use email templates. If you select only tenants, the template option will appear.

  4. Fill out remaining details, then check the box to Generate using a template
  5. Select a template you’d like to email. Once selected, the template will appear in the body of the editor, and the email can be sent directly to the recipients you've chosen.


For one-off emails, you can now use Buildium's token functionality to add areas of information to pull based on your recipients. 

To use the token system, click the yellow highlighted “T” to select the available tokens for that group of recipients.


Article #: 222803907

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