We want to make sure you're using Buildium to the fullest, and getting the most of your time. We have a few efficiency tips that will make streamlining your processes easier.

In this article, you'll learn about:

  1. Page filters
  2. Global search function
  3. Home dashboard page

There are a few more tips and tricks to help you get the most out of Buildium.

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1. Page filters

A page filter is a tool that narrows results on a page.

For example:

  • I had about 100 tasks show up, so I used my page filters to only show the tasks that were in progress.
  • I used my page filters to look for inactive properties.
  • Page filters taught me that I' have 14 tenants named "Bob." Who knew?

Every page in Buildium has a set of filters. They appear at the top of each grid of data and vary somewhat from page to page.

Here are some common ways you can use filters:

Filter by property or rental owner:

Whether you're looking at a list of leases from the Rent roll page, or wanting to filter bank transactions by property, association or rental owner, you can use the Property filter to narrow down the list of results.

You'll find this filter option on several pages throughout Buidium. Use the drop-down menu on the left of the page to filter by association, property, or rental owner.

Filters "stick" between page visits, provided that they were used at some point in the past.

For example, if you select a property on the Properties page, that selection will stay when you travel to the Reports menu. If you're on the All tasks page, select the filter for Subject or number, and leave for another page without ever using that filter, you will need to re-select it the next time you visit the All tasks page.

Filter by status:

Buildium defaults task lists to only show tasks with a New or In progress status, but you can use filters to view tasks with a different status. 

Select a filter option:

You can choose to add a filter option to further filter down lists of information in Buildium.

For example, if you have inactivated a property and want to then find that property, you can add a filter option to find it. Filter options vary from page to page, so take some time to explore what filters you can use on each page.

2. Global search function

Buildium's search capability allows you to search and jump to properties and people from anywhere in the software.

To use search, locate the search field in the main menu. Enter your search term and wait a second or two. Buildium will automatically provide search results that match your term.

In the image below, the search term is a rental property, 72 church. This search returned multiple results, including the rental owner, tenant, property and units.

To use the search results, simply click one of the links within the box.

3. Home dashboard page

The Buildium dashboard is your homepage once you sign in. There are several key areas of information on this page that can help save you the time you may have spent searching through the software.

Quick links:

The top section of the home dashboard page includes quick links to view your rental listings, leases ending, rental applications, and outstanding balances. Clicking on a link will direct you to the page where you can view the associated information.


My upcoming tasks

The upcoming tasks section is a task summary where you can review tasks assigned to you, incoming requests, and even create new tasks or work orders. This section will vary for each user when they log in, depending on their user access and if they have any assigned tasks.

Recent activity

The recent activity section allows you to see a quick recap of recent activity in your account. Each activity posted will be a link, so you can easily investigate them further.

The following event types will appear in your recent activity:

CategoryWhatWhen it appears
Events User Defined (Property) When you add a custom event for a property.
  User Defined (Unit) When you add a custom event for a unit.
Market rent decreased When you edit and decrease the market rent for a unit.
Market rent increased When you edit and increase the market rent for a unit.
Rental application accepted When the status of a rental application is changed to "Accepted."
Rental application received When a rental application is added to the system.
Rental application rejected When the status of a rental application is changed to "Rejected."
Unit listed for rent When a rental listing is created.
Request for credit report is approved When a credit report is approved and available.
User Defined (Lease) When you add a custom event for a lease.
Lease converted to month-to month The software has automatically converted a lease from a fixed term to at-will.
Lease created A new lease is created and a tenant moves in.
Lease dates changed A lease's dates are changed.
Lease expired A lease's end date is reached.
An online payment is rejected An EFT is returned.
User Defined (tenant) When you add a custom event for a property.
Moved in A tenant moves in.
Moved out A tenant moves out.
Move out undone A tenant move out is undone.
User Defined (association owner) When you add a custom event for an association owner.
Bought unit A new association owner is added to a unit and replaces another.
Move in undone A move in of an association owner is undone.
Sold unit A new association owner is added to a unit and replaces another.
An online payment is rejected An EFT is returned.
Automated email sent Buildium sends an email automatically, such as a past due email, payment reminder email, welcome email, rental application submission confirmation, epay confirmation
Email sent Shows an email that was sent manually, such as when using compose email, emailing a bill, or emailing a mailing.
Mailing EZMailed Shows a mailing that has been sent to our EZMail service.


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