How do I edit charges on an association owner's ledger?

After you've added your association owners and posted charges for money owed, you may need to make edits to the charges if it has the incorrect due date, amount, memo or account type. 

In this article you'll learn how to:

  1. Edit a charge that's already been posted on a lease ledger
  2. Edit a recurring charge
  3. Edit recurring charges in bulk

1. Edit a charge that has already been posted on an account ledger

To edit a charge that has already been posted:

    1. Type the association owner's name in the search bar, and click Ownership Account ledger.
    2. From the account ledger, click on the charge you want to edit.
    3. Click Edit charge, and make adjustments.
    4. When you're done making changes, click Save charge. 


Buildium does not allow updates to posted charges in bulk. If you need to make updates to multiple charges posted on an owner's account ledger, you will need to do so individually.

2. Edit a recurring charge

You may need to edit a recurring charge if the wrong amount is entered, or if you want to record a association fee for an owner.

To edit a recurring charge:

    1. Type the association owners's name in the search bar, and click Ownership account ledger.
    2. From the account ledger, click Recurring transactions.
    3. Click on the charge you want to update, then click Edit recurring charge.
    4. Make any adjustments, then click Save.


3. Edit recurring charges in bulk

Unlike charges that have already been posted, you can update recurring charges in bulk.

The edit recurring charges in bulk tool is only available per association, it will not edit charges across several different associations.

This is a great way to update charges if you have a fee increase for all owners across an entire association, and don't want to edit them individually.

To edit recurring charges in bulk:

    1. Navigate to Associations > Ownership accounts.
    2. Click Update recurring charges.
    3. In the pop-up window, select if you want to Edit amounts or memos, or if you want to Delete recurring charges.
    4. Choose an account typeassociation, and recurring charge frequency, then click Search.
    5. To edit the memo of all recurring charges listed, enter the memo in the New memo section, and click Apply.
    6. To edit recurring charge amounts, manually enter the new amount for each unit, then click Save at the top of the window.


Click here to learn how to delete association owner charges


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