How do I delete a lease?

You can delete a lease if you accidentally move a tenant into to the wrong unit or a lease signing falls through.

To delete a lease, you first need to make sure there are no financial transactions tied to it.

Anything entered on a tenant's lease ledger is considered a financial transaction. If there are any charges for monies owed or payments entered as received, you will need to delete those before you can delete the lease. The delete lease option will not appear until all financial transactions are cleared from the lease ledger.

If you do not want to delete financial history for a lease, you can end the lease instead.

If a tenant has made an ePayment on their lease ledger, the lease cannot be deleted.

To delete a lease:

    1. Navigate to Rentals > Rent Roll.
    2. Click on the lease you want to delete.
    3. From the lease summary page, select Delete lease.



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