How do I cancel a Basic Tenant Screening?

If there is a problem with a Basic Tenant Screening, like an applicant abandoning a request or a typo in an email address, you can cancel the screening request.

To cancel a Basic Tenant Screening:

  1. Navigate to Leasing > Applicants, and click on the applicant.
  2. From the applicant summary page, select Screening.
  3. Click Cancel credit check to cancel the screening.


Once canceled, Buildium will replace the Cancel credit check link with a button to Run another credit check. If you decide to run another credit check on the same applicant, you can make edits to the email address before initiating the new screening.

Buildium will only charge for tenant screenings that are completed and ready to view in your account.

You will not be charged for canceled tenant screenings if the process is not yet completed.


Article #: 219761107


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