Can I set up a management fee policy by association?

Yes, Buildium does allow you to set up a management fee policy by association.

If you charge most of your associations 10% of collected income, but Windy Woods is charged 8% instead, you can override the global policy just for that association.

Make sure you set up your global management fee policy before creating policies by association.

An association-specific management fee policy will supersede the global policy when you record your management fees.

To set up a management fee policy by association:

    1. Navigate to Associations > Associations.
    2. Click on the association you want to override the management fee policy for.
    3. On the association summary page, select Financials.
    4. Click Management fee settings, then Override management fee settings.
    5. Check the box to override the policy, and fill in the association policy details.
    6. Once you fill out the form, click Save.



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