Buildium’s Leasing Agent feature makes it easy for you to assign staff members to draft leases and track commissions based on rent. You can assign leasing agents to draft leases, and run a report to let you know how each agent is performing.

In this article, you’ll learn how to:

  1. Set up a leasing agent with a new user role
  2. Assign a staff member to a draft lease
  3. Track executed draft leases with a leasing agent report

1. Set up a leasing agent with a new user role

Buildium provides all customers with a default User Role for leasing agents. This user role can be customized to adhere to your company’s preferences on how much or how little you want a user to have in regards to access to your Buildium account.

To customize the Leasing Agent user role:

    1. Navigate to Settings > User roles.
    2. Then, click Leasing Agent.
    3. Adjust the user role settings.


To apply a user to the leasing agent role:

    1. Navigate to Settings > Users.
    2. Click on the user in question.
    3. Select Account settings to update the role for the user.

2. Assign a staff member to a draft lease

After creating a draft lease, you can also add specific staff members to it, whether they’re a Leasing Agent or not. Just select any staff member as the leasing agent so you can track who’s done what.

Any user who has edit access to the leasing menu will be able to assign or change the staff member associated to a draft lease. This will allow you to view the leasing agent or staff member who is working with the tenant(s) to sign a lease for that unit from the Leasing grid.

To add a staff member to a draft lease:

    1. Navigate to Leasing > eLease and draft leases.
    2. Click on the draft lease you want to update.
    3. Click Edit draft lease and choose the staff member from the dropdown menu.


You can view all staff members attached to a draft lease on the Leasing grid.

You can sort the grid by leasing agent and even filter by agent using Add filter option > Agent selection.

3. Track executed draft leases with a leasing agent report

The leasing agent report will show you details of all activated leases by property and leasing agent. The report includes activation date (date the lease was converted from a draft lease to an active lease), rent amount, and eSignature date if you are signed up for eLeasing with Buildium. This way, you can easily track and pay out commissions on executed leases.

To run a Leasing Agent report, navigate to Reports, and click Leasing agent.



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