How do I apply for ePay for rental properties I own or manage for other people?

You can apply for online payments for rental properties you own or manage from right within Buildium through ePay.

If you have a single trust account where all of your rent deposits go into, you need to apply for ePay for that bank account. If your rent deposits go into multiple accounts, you’ll need to apply for a separate merchant account for each bank account you want to set up for online payments.

Once Forte Payment Systems has your application and all supporting documents needed, approval should take 5-7 business days.

Generate an ePay application

To apply for a merchant account for rental properties you own or manage:

    1. Navigate to Accounting > Banking, then click into the bank account you want to sign up for online payments.
    2. Select the Epay settings tab, then click Apply for epay account.
    3. The first page of the application asks for context about who you are and how the merchant account will be used. Select Rental properties I own or manage for other people.
    4. Once you’ve chosen who the ePay services will be used for, click Next: Company information.
    5. Choose the company type, then fill out the company information.
    6. Then, click Next: Company owners.
    7. On the Company owner page, fill out the form for the company owner, who will be the guarantor on the application. All fields are required, including the last 4 digits of the owner's social security number. Forte Payment systems requires a guarantor for any merchant account they approve, so a SSN needs to be provided in order to run a credit check.
    8. When you complete the owner information, click Next: Account information.
    9. Enter information about rent amounts collected, both on average and the highest amount you collect.
    10. When you’re satisfied with the amounts, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Next: Review Application.


    11. Review the entered information to make sure everything is correct. You’ll have the ability to make any updates right from this page by clicking Change next to the section you want to edit.

    12. Once you’ve reviewed the details, click Submit application.


Click here to learn how to get started with ePay once you're approved

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