Announcement: Buildium's invoices are getting a facelift

Buildium is making it easier than ever to understand your monthly billing statement.

Starting in May of 2016, you’ll notice some of these changes on your Buildium invoices:

  1. When you click on an invoice, you’ll see a breakdown of all monthly charges. We’ll list out the specific item and the quantity you used.

  2. On the invoice, you'll see a separate table called "Payments," that shows how much you've paid since your last invoice.

  3. The email you get with your bill will include a PDF attachment that is an invoice that lays all the information out for you.

Have a look at the sample invoice below to see what you can expect:



As always, you can download a copy of your invoice on the Account and Billing page anytime you need a copy. Just navigate to Settings > Account and billing, then click on the invoice you want to view. Currently Buildium only provides invoices for a monthly time frame.


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