How do I inspect a property using Buildium's Property Inspections?

When you sign up for Property Inspections, Buildium automatically syncs your properties and units to Happy Inspector. All of the properties you have listed in Buildium will already exist in the Happy Inspector app when you log in for the first time.

In this article, you'll learn:

  1. How to view inspection history for a unit
  2. How to start a new inspection
  3. How to create an inspection report to sync to Buildium

1. How to view inspection history for a unit

Everything in the Happy Inspector app is organized in folders based on the types of units you have:

    • Residential (single and multi-family units)
    • Associations (each association will get its own folder)
    • Commercial 

These folders are not customizable.

To view inspection history for a unit:

    1. Tap the folder icon and select the folder for the unit you’re inspecting.
    2. Once you’ve selected the correct folder, search for the unit you’re looking for.
    3. Then, tap to open the inspection history for that unit.

2. How to start a new inspection

    1. Tap the + icon, and select Start new inspection.
    2. Choose a template, and complete the form.
    3. You can tap the camera icon to upload photos, or the comment icon to add notes.
    4. You can only add 16 photos per inspection, and the mobile app comes with 2 GBs of total storage.
    5. When you've completed the inspection and you're ready to create a report, click the Reports link on the screen. If you don't want to create a report to sync to Buildium just yet, click Done instead.

If additional data is needed after you've completed a report, you’ll be able to delete finalized reports after they’re synced to Buildium.

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3. How to create an inspection report to sync to Buildium

If you decided to click Done when you’ve completed a property inspection, you will still need to take the step of creating a report.

The report is the most important part of the inspection, and is what will be saved to the unit summary in Buildium.

If you do not create a report after an inspection, the information will not sync to Buildium.

To create a report:

    1. Open the Happy Inspector App, and click into the necessary folder.
    2. Click into a unit, and from the inspection summary page, click into the inspection you want to create a report for.
    3. Then, click Reports.

      Depending on what device you're using, the Reports link may be in different areas of your app window.

    4. Tap the + icon, and choose a report type.
    5. You have the option to email the report by tapping the Email icon in the bottom right, or just tap Done in the upper right.
    6. The finalized report will sync to Buildium so your staff can create follow up work orders and add repair charges to a tenant's lease ledger if necessary.

If you’re using the Happy Inspector app offline, the information will be saved and synced to Buildium when you have service again.

It’s important to note that you do not need a mobile data plan in order to sync your data. You can change the settings in the Happy Inspector app so that syncing only takes place when you’re connected to wifi.

Just log in to the mobile app, tap Settings, tap Sync, and turn off Use Cellular Data.

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