Troubleshoot common issues with Property Inspections

I. I’m having trouble logging in:

If you have trouble logging in, enter your email address on the login screen of the Happy Inspector app, and click Forgot Password.

It’s also important to note that each user can only be logged into two devices at one time. If you’re already using two devices and you need to add another, you will first have to remove one of your devices.

To remove a device, log in to your Happy Inspector account from your computer using the credentials we emailed to you. From the dashboard, select Manage your devices. Unlink desired device, and click Okay to verify.

II. My inspection reports aren’t showing up in Buildium

If your reports are not synced to Buildium, log in to the mobile app. Tap the Cloud icon. It should read “Everything is up-to-date”.

If you have reports that are sitting in the cloud, please ensure that you are either connected to cellular data or wifi and that your phone is unlocked, since this is required in order to sync your reports. You can also try to disable your sync and then re­sync it.

To disable your sync, log in to the mobile app, tap the Settings icon, tap Sync, and from here you can disable and enable syncing.

Next, you’ll want to make sure that you are creating reports from a Buildium integrated Happy Inspector account.

If the mobile app is showing that there are no items to be synced and you’re sure that you’re using a Buildium integrated account, but the report is still not generating, log in to your Happy Inspector account from your computer to confirm that the report was created.

If your report does not exist, please create a report to have it synced.


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