How do I view inspection reports I created with Buildium Property Inspections?

To view an inspection report in Buildium:

    1. Navigate to Maintenance > Property inspections.
    2. All reports will be listed on this page, but you can filter by property, unit, name or description, and date range. Click on the report you want to view.
    3. From here, click in the bottom right to Download or Email the report.

You can also share property inspections with rental owners or tenants. They can log into their portals and download the file to view it.

To share a synced report with a rental owner or all tenants on a unit:

  1. Use the arrow to the right of the inspection report to open the quick-menu, then click View.
  2. Select Edit, and check the box to share the report with the owner of the property, all tenants on the property, or both.
  3. When you're done making changes, click Save.


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