How do I use Buildium Property Inspections to inspect common areas and storage units?

Certain types of property inspections are not as straightforward as others. How should you go about inspecting common areas? What about storage units?

How to inspect common areas using Buildium Property Inspections

The best way to inspect common areas is to create common areas as separate units within Buildium. The information about that “unit” will automatically sync to the Happy Inspector app, and you can use a custom template to gather the type of information you’re looking for.

How to inspect storage units using Buildium Property Inspections

You can inspect storage units, or other areas that are separate but related to a unit by adding an additional section to your inspections template, or by creating a separate inspection template entirely.

If you add an additional section to your template, the storage unit inspection will appear in the same report as the general unit inspection. If you create a separate inspection template for the storage unit, you will have two separate reports associated with the unit (one report for the general unit inspection, and one report for the storage unit inspection).


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