Adjusting the posting days for renters insurance charges

Moving forward, renters insurance charges will use a 0-posting day rule, and you will not be able to adjust this rule.

A renters insurance charge will post to a tenant’s lease ledger on the policy creation date (this is typically the move-in date) and will appear as a monthly recurring charge on that date. For example, if a tenant moves in on March 15th, the charge will be posted and due on the 15th of each month.

We decided to make this change in order to streamline the creation of Assurant insurance policies and reduce the risk of duplicate charges to your tenants.

Buildium will continue to bill property managers two months in arrears for each Assurant policy created. This means you won’t be billed until May for a policy that’s created and charged to the tenant in March.

Article #: 217478188


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