Getting Started with Renters Insurance Plus

1. Navigate to Settings > Application settings.

3. Then, click Manage add-on services, and select Get Started next to Renters insurance.

4. Confirm your company information is correct and click Review Agreement.


5. Add tenants. Note that each tenant must have a valid, ten-digit phone number. Assurant Point of Lease Insurance will only cover up to four tenants.

6. Select “Assurant”. Note that before you enroll your tenants in Assurant’s Point of Lease Insurance, you must have them sign the lease addendum provided in the Training Center.

7.Add in rent and other charges, and click Create Lease

As soon as a lease is created, a policy for your tenants will also be created.  On the lease summary page, you will see that the policy is pending. Once everything has been processed by Assurant, the policy number will appear. This may take up to 24 hours.


Your tenants will be receive information about their new policy in the mail from Assurant.


Article #: 213273397


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