Announcement: Introduction to Company Financials in Buildium

Buildium has always been great at tracking property financials. From receiving rent payments to recording owner draw checks, our system was built to give you an accurate monetary picture of your managed properties at all times.

With our company financials feature, you can track your business accounting with the same accuracy and efficiency you have come to expect in our software.

Once you have entered the necessary setup information and entered any opening bank balances for your business, the following Company pages will be available for you under the Company menu


  • Company cash: On the company cash page you will have a snapshot view of your company’s bank financials, including any undeposited funds that are waiting to be added to your company’s current account balances.

    You will also have the option to collect your management fees from any property in the system (the same as on your Properties page and your Shortcuts tab) and to record deposits for your company.

    This page is especially great for users that co-mingle funds from their business with their managed properties, because on this page you will only be able to view funds that belong to your company within your various bank accounts.

  • Company bills: On the company bills page, you will be able to easily view any  unpaid bills for your company entity, record any bills that your company will need to  pay out, as well as have the ability to pay those bills by check or EFT (if you have  Epay enabled in your account).

    You can filter this page to all of your company bills  or just some of them, with no property bills listed whatsoever. You will also be able  to view your company bills under the Accounting>Bills page.

  • Company income: On the company income page you will be able to easily identify your company’s net income, with a complete breakdown of your income minus your expenses.

    This page will show you a full overview of any transactions using your company entity that have hit either income or expense accounts, with a date filtering drop down menu to narrow your search even further.

For help getting started using the Company Financials check out our 2 part webinar series here


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