Getting Started with Premium Tenant Screening

Now that your Buildium account has been approved for Premium Tenant Screening, reports can be generated within a few minutes, along with a recommendation that outlines the applicant's credit, criminal, and eviction history.

First things first, you should determine if you want to pass the cost of screening onto the applicant. If so, you’ll want to adjust the application fee to pass along to tenants:

    1. Head back to the Customize Rental Application page.
    2. Click on Fee
    3. Adjust the rental application fee to include the price of the screening ($18) by clicking the pencil.
    4. Check that your payment methods are appropriate. The account listed should be the one you’d like to use for the rental application income. You can edit this by clicking Edit payment methods.
      Note: if you are not already accepting online payments, sign up for epay here
    5. Hit save when finished.

      Now, make sure that you have the rental application fee income account on your list of Management Fee accounts. To do this:

      1. Go to Settings.
      2. Click Application Settings.
      3. Select Management Fees.
      4. See if Application Fee Income is on the list, and if not, add it to the list now.

Lastly, before you start screening an applicant, make sure you know what unit they are interested in. If you find that you cannot click the Order Premium background check button (seen below), you should make sure the applicant is associated with a unit.

Just click “Edit name or unit,” add the unit information, and then you will be able to proceed with ordering the background check.

Now you’re ready to run a report, and here's how.


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