Premium Tenant Screening

With Premium Tenant Screening, pull credit, criminal, and eviction data in minutes, without the need for applicant participation.

If you're using Buildium's Basic Tenant Screening service, click here for more information.

Once the Buildium account has been approved for Premium Tenant Screening, reports can be generated within a few minutes, along with a recommendation that outlines the applicant's credit, criminal, and eviction history.

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Why Premium Tenant Screening?ShowHide

Benefits of Premium Tenant Screening:

  • Reports are generated in seconds
  • Recommendations can be customized to specific requirements
  • Recommendations can be customized at the property level
  • Does not require applicant participation -- Applicants do not need an email address, computer, or internet connection as required with the Basic Tenant Screening service

Each credit and background check includes:

  • Exclusive rental recommendation
  • Eviction history
  • A full credit report with credit score. This report include Income and Assets, Past Due Amounts, Credit Score - including the factors affecting the score, Summary of Accounts, and a breakdown of Accounts (Late payments 30 days late, 60 days late, 90 days late: Payment history).
  • A complete background check and identity verification. This report checks the Most Wanted Databases, National Sex Offender Registry, US Treasury Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC), and criminal records by state.
  • Automatic linking to the rental application

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Start the Premium Tenant Screening processShowHide

  1. Navigate to Leasing > Applicants
  2. If the applicant has not submitted a rental application, click Run credit and background check. This option will create a new rental application record.


    If the applicant has submitted a rental application, click the Run credit check link that appears in the quick menu (gray box with black arrow) to the right of each applicant's name. This option ties the credit check to the existing application.

    You can also run a credit check by clicking on the Screening tab within the applicant's page.

  3. Complete the form and review.

    If you need to edit any information that appears in the form, prior to placing the order, look for the pencil icon.

  4. Check the authorization box and click Place order.


Review report status and detailed reportsShowHide

After placing the order, you will be shown a Report pending page while the report request is processing. In most cases, the report will be returned within a minute, with a recommendation, based on the profile for that property, and links to the detailed credit, criminal, and eviction reports for the applicant and cosigner, if applicable.

In the event that there is additional research required, usually as a result of an eviction record, you will see a pending state letting you know that you should see the result within 24 - 48 hours.

Once a report is delivered, after additional research has been done, you will receive an email letting you know that the report is ready for review.


To access your detailed reports:

  1. Navigate to Leasing > Applicants page.
  2. Click on the applicant's name
  3. Click into the applicant's Screening tab.
  4. Click View report.






Inform the applicant of your decisionShowHide


  • In the event that the applicant has been approved for the rental unit based on their credit, criminal, and eviction search, you can provide them with the completed Letter of Acceptance.

  • In the event that an applicant is not approved for the rental unit due to a result on the credit, criminal, and eviction search, you will need to provide them with the Adverse Action Letter.


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