How to apply for Premium Tenant Screening

With Premium Tenant Screening, pull credit, criminal, and eviction data in minutes, without the need for applicant participation, as required in the Basic Tenant Screening service.

Once the Buildium account has been approved for Premium Tenant Screening, reports can be generated within a few minutes, along with a recommendation that outlines the applicant's credit, criminal, and eviction history.

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Apply for Premium Tenant Screening

  1. Navigate to Settings >Add-on services.
  2. On the Add-on services page, click Get started next to Premium tenant screening.
  3. Select Apply now, and verify that your contact information is correct.
  4. Confirm the contact information and Send application.

    Submitting the application will send your company information and a list of your rental properties to TransUnion CreditRetriever® for review.

    In addition to the application, TransUnion® will require the following documents for approval:

    • Tax ID #
    • A recent bank statement
    • Articles of Incorporation
    • Business license (if applicable)
    • 3 trade references
    • Proof of address for your business

      NOTE: The business office cannot be located within a home residence.


    Once approved for Premium Tenant Screening, a check mark will appear within the Buildium account on the Add-on Services page.


    If the Buildium account does not initially qualify for Premium Tenant Screening, the Premium Tenant Screening page will default back to the application screen. You can elect to re-apply at this time.

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