A group is a collection of properties in Buildium. Groups are used when running reports to define which properties will be included in the data of the report.   

Common uses for groups include: running reports for some, but not all, properties owned by a rental owner, running a single report for multiple associations or running reports based on a commonality.

Groups are created by a user and cannot be seen by other users.

For example:

  • Sarah manages properties in Arizona, California, and Nevada. She created groups of properties by state so she can easily run reports for those regions.
  • John knows that some of his rental owners prefer to be mailed paper statements, so he created a group of those rental owners so he can easily generate his reports to mail each month.
  • When John logs into his account, he can only see the groups that he has created.

Add a groupShowHide


  1. On the desired page, click on the filter menu.
  2. Select Manage groups.
  3. Add group.
  4. Name the group.
  5. Add properties, associations or rental owners by clicking on the name.
  6. Selections added to the group will appear in the right column.

    You can search by name or filter the list down to Rentals, Associations or Rental Owners, or view all information.

  7. Click the x to remove from the group.
  8. Click Save, which will allow you to review your groups in the Manage groups window. Save and apply will save the group, apply the change to the filter menu and close the window.


Edit a groupShowHide

  1. Click on the filter menu from any page.
  2. Select Manage groups.
  3. Click on the group you want to edit.
  4. Make your changes.
  5. Click Save or Save and apply.

Delete a groupShowHide

  1. Click on the filter menu from any page.
  2. Select Manage groups.
  3. Click on the group you want to delete.
  4. Click Delete group.
  5. Confirm you would like to delete the group.

Troubleshooting groupsShowHide

  • If you have created a group that now contains only inactive properties, the group will only appear within the Manage groups window. The group will not appear within filter menus for reporting.

  • Inactive properties are not included in reports. If a property is included in a group, and the property is inactivated, the group is unchanged but the property's data is not included when the report is run.

  • Groups are by user. For instance, if Sarah makes a group, John cannot see it.

  • If a user's property access is changed, that property is deleted from the group automatically. If that access is later restored, the property is not added back to the group.

  • If a user is inactivated and reactivated, their groups will remain with reactivation. If a user is deleted, their groups are deleted and cannot be restored.

  • Selecting a rental owner moves all of the owner's properties into the group. If the rental owner’s property ownership changes, the group does not update. You will need to manually add or remove properties from the group.


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