How do I apply for ePay for an association?

You can apply for online payments for associations right within Buildium through ePay.

If you professionally manage multiple associations, you will need to apply for ePay for each bank account separately.

Once your application has been received, the approval should take 7-10 business days.

Generate an ePay application

To apply for a merchant account for an association:

    1. Navigate to Accounting > Banking, then click into the bank account you want to sign up for online payments.
    2. Select the Epay settings tab, then click Apply for epay account.
    3. The first page of the application asks for context about who you are and how the merchant account will be used. Select A self-managed or professionally-managed association, then indicate how many units you believe will initially be using ePay.
    4. Once you’ve chosen who the ePay services will be used for, click Next: Association information.
    5. Fill in the details about the association, then click Next: Trustee information.
    6. Enter information about the about the individual who controls the funds in the bank account related to the ePay application (trustee, board member). If you're applying for a professionally managed associated, this will most likely be someone at your management company.
    7. When you complete the trustee information, click Next: Account information.
    8. Enter your incoming and outgoing transaction information. You will get an error if you enter $0 in the low box, so enter an actual monetary amount.

      Once you’ve entered unit and rent amount information, Buildium will automatically populate limit recommendations based on the information you entered. If you think you need higher limits than what Buildium has populated,
      click into the limit box to override the information. 

    9.  Click Next: Identity verification.
    10. The Trustee or Property Manager’s identity is verified using two-factor authentication. This can be done via text message, voice call or security questions. If you have chosen text message or voice call, you will receive a one-time passcode that you will need to enter into the Buildium website. If you have chosen security questions, you will have to answer a set of questions that verify the Trustee or Property Manager’s identity.
    11. Once you’ve completed two factor authentication, please click Next: Review Application
    12. Review the entered information to make sure everything is correct. You’ll have the ability to make any updates right from this page by clicking Change next to the section you want to edit.
    13. Once you’ve reviewed the details, click Submit application.


Click here to learn how to get started with ePay once you're approved


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