Troubleshooting: Combining two tenants or association owners into one

This problem might appear in a few situations:

  • A tenant or association owner logs into the old unit.
  • A tenant or association owner makes an online payment to the old lease or ownership account.
  • You realize that the same person appears on reports and pages twice. For example: Tim Tenant and Tim T. Tenant.

This problem happens usually happens when moving in a new resident. During the move in process, the staff member decides to retype the tenant or association owner into Buildium from scratch (and a second time), instead of choosing the option to reuse information that is already stored in the database.

To fix this issue:

  1. Decide which person/database record you want to keep and which one should go.

    Not sure? Consider which person/database record has been used for logins? Which one has notes and files associated with it? Keep the person/database record that's been used the most. This is often the oldest record, but not always.

    Below, we have one person, William Reese, represented twice in the database. The data is accurate, William is an owner in both units 101 and 102. The trouble is that William has two database records and so he is unable to sign in to both units.

  2. Rename your people. Add "keep" to the one you're going to keep and add "delete" to the one you're not.

    If necessary, transfer any notes or files from the "delete" person to the "keep" person. The software will not move this data for you.

    We've chosen to keep William and to delete Billy. Why? William's record has phone numbers and an email address.

  3. Go to the lease where the "delete" tenant lives. (Or the ownership account with the "delete" association owner.") Then navigate to the Tenant tab (or Association owner tab).

  4. Click Add tenant or Add owner.
  5. When you move in the person, be sure to choose the option to select a current tenant/association owner or former tenant/association owner. Then, pick the "keep" person from the list.

  6. Complete the move in process. You should now have both the "keep" and "delete" people on the screen.

    When you're done, you will have one person with two leases or ownership accounts. You can confirm by looking at their hub page. To get there, click their name.

  7. Remove the "keep" identifier from the person who will remain.
  8. Delete the "delete me" person.

    This action cannot be undone.

In most cases, you're done. Usually, this happens with a relatively new lease or ownership account and the deleted person hasn't been used a lot. If your deleted person was in use for quite a while, you may find other things that need to be addressed. For example, the "paid by" field within a payment may need to be updated.

Article #: 112833

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