Run a property income statement

Add your first property

  1. Go to Properties.
  2. Click Add Property.

Enter the details about your property and click Create property.

Enter the details for each of the units in your property and click Create units.

Add tenants to your property

  1. Go to Rentals, then Tenants.
  2. Click Add lease.

Enter details about the lease and tenant then click Create lease.

Enter any tenant security deposits you may be holding

  1. Click Rentals, then Tenants.
  2. Click on the tenant's name.

Click View Ledger.

Click Issue Credit.

  1. Enter a credit for the security deposit you are holding:
    • Date & Amount: Enter the date and amount.
    • Credit Action: Select Issue credit for payment already deposited.
    • Offsetting Account: Select the appropriate offsetting account.
    • Account: Select what the credit was for.
  2. Click Save credit.

Enter last month's rental activity to the tenant ledger

Click Enter Charge.

Enter the rent charge for last month:

  1. Click Enter Charge
    • Date and amount: Enter the date and amount of the charge.
    • Account: Select what the charge was for.
  2. Click Save charge.

Click Receive Payment.

Enter the payment from your tenant then click Save payment.

Run a property income statement

Click Reports.

Click Income Statement.

Select your report criteria and click Submit.

You did it! Nice job. Next up... run a rent roll report.

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