How to add a staff member with multiple user types

A user type is a classification in Buildium - staff member, rental owner, and vendor - that controls certain system behaviors. For example, a vendor appears on the Vendors page and can be a payee on a check; a staff member can have tasks assigned to them; and rental owners can own property.

This article covers how to set up a single person who works with your company or association in multiple ways and needs the system behaviors of multiple user types.

Staff members can:

Vendors can:

Rental owners can:

How to give one person multiple user types

For example:

Hank is a maintenance worker for the property management company or association, and uses task and work order features within the system. I'd like to write checks to him as well.

In this example, Hank needs to be both a staff member and a vendor.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Users.
  2. Click on the person that needs multiple roles.
    • The Users page defaults to staff members. If the person you're updating is rental owner or vendor, click on the appropriate tab. Only people with website accounts can have multiple access. Accounts are default for staff. You may need to create accounts if your person is a rental owner or vendor.
  3. On the user summary page, click Account Settings.
  4. Click the link to add another user type, and check the box to select the type.


How to remove multiple user types from a user

  1. Navigate to Settings > Users
  2. Click on the person that needs the additional role removed.
  3. Click Account Settings.
  4. Remove the check from the box to remove the desired type.

Sometimes, the user type cannot be removed because it is in use elsewhere in the software. For example, if the person is a payee on a check, then the vendor user type must remain so the check can stay intact

5. Click Save.

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