A staff member is someone who works on the management team of the association or property management company.

Your Buildium subscription includes an unlimited number of staff members.

Synonyms include administrator, property manager, resident manager, maintenance worker, maintenance manager, bookkeeper, and so on.

For example:

  • Bob the property manager
  • Hank the handyman
  • Sam the rental owner

Staff members, vendors, and rental owners all share a common login. Buildium uses the generic term, user, to refer to these individuals. It's possible for each of these types of people to share attributes. For example, if a staff member also provides landscaping services, the user can be a staff member and vendor at the same time.

You can limit staff members access to account data by property or by role - menus, pages, and buttons.

To add a staff member:

    1. Navigate to Settings > Users.
    2. Then, click Add staff member.
    3. Under Contact information, the staff member name is required, but you can add additional information like company name or phone numbers.
    4. Under User information, enter the primary email and select the user role you want to assign the staff member to.
    5. You can limit a user’s access by property under Property access. Select This user can only view the following properties to select which properties this user can have access to, and Buildium will limit the user’s access to menu items indicated in their user role for only the selected properties.
    6. If you are signed up for Property Inspections, select Send invite for Property Inspections to invite a user to use Property Inspections.
    7. When you click Save, Buildium will send the user an email that will tell them their user name, assign them a temporary password and provide instructions on how to sign in. Once the user signs in for the first time, Buildium will prompt the user to choose their own password.



Click here to learn how to edit a staff member

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