Each import file has its own specific format and dependencies, so make sure you're importing the correct file.

If you are still having trouble with a data import file, check the following:

  • Is your file the correct type? If you're importing an Excel file, make sure the file is .xlsx (recommended) or .csv.
  • Do any of the fields have commas in them? Commas work to separate fields and can cause issues within a field. For example, if a single memo field says "for Bob, Lynne, and Bailey", it's possible that the import won't work correctly. Consider semi-colons instead: "for Bob; Lynne; and Bailey."
  • Are there improper hyperlink formats, such as misspelled email addresses or web addresses? 
    • Check your email addresses and make sure they conform to the standard “name@serviceprovider.com” - the most common error will be a missing @ symbol or an incorrect punctuation mark. For example, you might find “sample@provider,com” and the comma causes the error.
    • Check your website addresses for the same kinds of errors. A common example is www,websitename.com, where the first “.” is accidentally recorded as “,”. 
  • Are there extra columns in the file? If so:
    • Delete the extra columns
    • Copy and paste the data into a new template


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