From time to time, it may be faster to import data into Buildium than to enter it manually. Buildium gives you the ability to import data in bulk using our data import templates.

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In this article, you’ll learn how to:

  1. Prepare data for import
  2. Upload data and complete an import

1. Prepare data for import

To get started with your data import:

    1. Navigate to Settings > Import data.

    2. Click Upload data file, and choose the type of data you'd like to import from the drop down menu.

When you import data into Buildium, it's really important to do so in the correct order. You won't be able to enter your tenants and leases into the system if you haven't entered your properties yet.

We recommend importing your data in the following order:

    • Properties (rentals or associations)
    • People (tenants, association owners, rental owners, vendors)
    • Financial transactions (resident charges and payments, checks and deposits, lockbox payments)

Once you've selected the type of data you want to import, download the template from the Before you start section of the upload file window.

Any required fields on the import template are indicated with an asterix (*).

When you're importing data, it's very important that your data is an exact match to what has been entered into Buildium.

Fill out any required fields, and save the completed template to your computer.

2. Upload data and complete an import

Once you've completed and saved an import template:

    1. Navigate to Settings > Import data.

    2. Click Upload data file, and select the type of data you'd like to import from the drop down menu.

    3. In the pop-up window, scroll down and click Upload.

    4. Choose the file you've prepared.

    5. Once uploaded, scroll back to the top of the window and click Save.

Buildium will validate the file, and let you know if there are any errors. You can click on the error message to view a report that indicates exactly what errors occurred so you can go and make any necessary updates to your file. Once the errors have been fixed, you wil need to re-upload the template in the system.

It's important to know there is NO going back once you've hit the "import data" button after validating the files. We do not have the ability to correct any information in bulk once it's been imported, so you want to double or even triple check the files before you import.

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