Also called

  • Tenant invoice

Sample reports


Other report formats are available and can be generated in the software.

When to use it

  • Invoice a tenant
  • Provide a detailed statement of recent charges and payments

Generating this report

  1. Go to the Reports menu .
  2. Click the Tenant Statement link.

  4. Click Download report.


You can also generate individual tenant statements.

  1. Go to the Rentals menu.
  2. Go to the Leases page.
  3. Click the lease you want to work with.
  4. Click the Financials tab.
  5. Click Statement button.


  • Buildium reports on transactions based on the transaction date. When producing statements, make sure that your period includes the dates you need. For example, if it's mid-August and you want to mail out a statement to include charges on September 1, your selected period must include September 1.
  • Recurring charges are not included in this report. The transaction must have posted to the ledger.


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