The vendor website defaults only defaults to showing a vendor ledger and documents. If you'd like to give a vendor access to other areas of Buildium, you can edit the vendor user role.

To give a vendor access to the vendor portal:

  1. Navigate to Maintenance > Vendors.
  2. Click on the vendor you want to give access to.
  3. From the vendor summary page, click on Create account in the vendor website field.
  4. Select if the vendor can see their financial transactions for some or all properties, then click Save.


Give multiple vendors access to their portals at one time:

This option sends an email invitation to the vendor. This email template is customizable.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Users.
  2. Click on the Vendor tab.
  3. Select Create website accounts.
  4. Select the vendors for whom you would like to create an account.
  5. You can choose select all at the bottom of the list to give access to all vendors.
  6. Click Create accounts.
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