Add a PayPal button to your public site

PayPal offers a variety of choices for putting a button on an external website, such as Buildium.

To add the button to your site:

  1. Get the code from PayPal. You should get the code for a plain hyperlink. Most of the fancier versions of PayPal's buttons probably won't work (see below for the technical reason why).
  2. Add a "PayPal" page to your public site as a custom page.
  3. Copy the code from PayPal into your new custom page. You'll probably need to use the Source button in Buildium to add the code.

Buildium uses a technology that produces web pages in something called a "form". If you were to look at the source code for your public site, you'd see "form" show up within the first few lines of code. The PayPal widget you added to your site is built similarly and it also uses a "form".

Unfortunately, there's no way to make a form work inside another form. These particular PayPal widget swill not work with Buildium. If you need help, ask PayPal for another way to link to your account. Tell them that you can't use a form and need a plain hyperlink option instead.


Article #: 111132

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