How do I add vendor epay information?

Once you've been approved for ePay, you can start paying bills electronically. Outgoing payments are made using EFT/eCheck. You cannot make outgoing payments with a credit card.

Before you can pay a vendor online, you need to tell Buildium about the recipient's bank account information. You can send money to a checking or savings account.

We strongly advise that you rely on a voided check or some other official bank document to acquire an accurate routing and account number.

To add a vendor's bank account information into Buildium:

    1. Navigate to Maintenance > Vendors.
    2. Click on the name of the vendor you want to add ePay information for.
    3. From the vendor summary page, select the Financials tab.
    4. Click E-Payment settings.
    5. From the E-Payment settings page, click Add EFT account.
    6. In the pop-up window that appears, complete the form with the vendor's account information. 
    7. Click Save.



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