To set this up:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Application settings.
  2. Then, click Late fees and scroll down to the Limits and fee handling section.
  3. Click Edit, then Add account.


  4. Select the second income account from the drop down list.


    Don't see the account you need? Add it in your chart of accounts. Usually, this second income account is a management income account.

    Most of the time, your management company keeps some of the late fee and the rental owner keeps the rest. If this applies in your case and you do not want to collect a management fee on the portion that the rental owner keeps, make their income a non-commissionable income account in your management fee policy.

  5. Type the percentage of the charge that should be applied to the primary income account.
  6. Make any additional changes to the late fee policy that are needed.
  7. Click Save.


Article #: 111140

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