Tenant Screening with TransUnion ShareAbles®

Tenant Screening is one of two processes Buildium provides to perform a credit and background check on an applicant. For Tenant Screening, Buildium has partnered with TransUnion ShareAbles® to make running credit and background checks on applicants easy.

  1. About Tenant Screening
  2. Run a Tenant Screening
  3. Remind tenants to complete a Tenant Screening
  4. Review reports
  5. Inform your tenants

1. About Tenant Screening

Tenant Screening is available to use from the minute properties are added into Buildium, there’s no setup required.

When a Tenant Screening is run, our screening provider, TransUnion, sends an email out to the applicant asking them to release their personal information. This is standard for what’s known as a soft credit check, and will not affect the applicant’s credit history.

Tenant Screening does require the applicant’s involvement.

With Tenant Screening, you have the option of covering the cost yourself or passing the cost on and having TransUnion charge the applicant directly. 

  • If you choose to cover the cost, you will be charged a discounted rate of $15 per screening as a Buildium customer. 
  • If you choose to pass the cost on directly to the applicant, the applicant will be charged $30 per screening. If you choose this option, the screening will be no cost to you. 

Each credit and background check includes a full credit report with credit score, a complete background check and identity verification, an eviction history report, and automatic linking to your rental application.

  • The credit report provided by TransUnion ShareAbles includes Income and Assets, Past Due Amounts, and a credit score—including the factors affecting the score. It also includes a Summary of Accounts, and a breakdown of Accounts with a history of late payments.

  • The background check and identity verification checks the Most Wanted databases, National Sex Offender Registry, US Treasury Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC), and criminal records by state.

Tenant Screening is only available for applicants with a valid Social Security Number. Other identification numbers such as an ITIN number for work/tax purposes cannot be used to run a tenant screening.

2. Run a Tenant Screening

    1. Navigate to Leasing > Applicants.

    2. If the applicant has not submitted a rental application through Buildium, choose the option to Run Tenant Screening on the main applicants page. This will allow you to initiate the tenant screening for someone you have not entered into the system yet, and will also create that person as an applicant.

      If the applicant has already submitted a rental application that is in your system, click on the name of the applicant, then select the
      Screening tab from the applicant summary page. Click Order Tenant Screening.

    3. On the order page, enter the rent amount, deposit amount, and lease term.

    4. Verify that the applicant's email is correct, and add a cosigner if you need to. Running a screening on a cosigner will result in an additional screening charge. We recommend running a cosigner's screening along with the applicant, as the leasing recommendation TransUnion ShareAble® provides will consider the credit of both people together.

      Each applicant screened with Tenant Screening does need to have a unique email address. If you try to use the same email address for multiple applicants, you will not be delivered the proper results.

      A Tenant Screening cannot be run without an email address.

    5. Indicate how you want to pay for a tenant screening. There are two options:

      • Have Buildium charge your account. The fee for the screening request will appear along with any other monthly charges on the Account and billing page. You will only be charged for completed requests, so if a tenant abandons the screening mid-way through the process and never releases the reports, you don’t have to worry about paying for information you didn’t receive.

      • Have the rental applicant pay directly. At the time of signing into their ShareAble account to complete the request, they will be prompted for their payment method, and you will not be charged. Complete the form, then click Review order. Review the information, and authorize the screening request.

    6. Once you click Place order, Buildium will send an email request to the resident with a link guiding them to the Applicant Center to complete the tenant screening.


Once submitted, changes cannot be made without canceling and resubmitting the application.

Remember to tell applicants to watch out for the email. It will come to their inbox from a donotreply email address, and they will need to open the email in order to get started. 


Buildium periodically checks for updates from TransUnion ShareAble throughout the day.

The Screening tab under the applicant will show status updates for you to monitor. If you need to resend an email request to an applicant, you can do so from this tab. 

3. Remind an applicant to complete the Tenant Screening

The time it takes to receive Tenant Screening reports all depends on how long it takes for an applicant to complete the process. As soon as the order is placed, Buildium will notify the applicant by email. From time to time, applicant's might need a little extra nudge.

Buildium will automatically send a reminder email at the three day mark and the seven day mark after the process begins.

To manually remind your applicant to complete the process:

    1. Navigate to Leasing > Applicants, then click on the applicant.
    2. From the applicant summary page select Screening, then click Resend email.

If you prefer to hand the applicant a paper reminder, you have the option to Print instructions, too.

If an applicant abandons the process or you need to cancel a tenant screening before it is completed, you can.

Click here to learn more about canceling a Tenant Screening.

4. Review reports 

Buildium will notify you when a tenant screening is complete.

For security purposes, screening reports are only available in your Buildium account for 60 days.

To access completed screening reports:

    1. Navigate to Leasing > Applicants. If reports are ready, it will be indicated on the far right of the applicant's name.
    2. Click on Reports ready to be brought to the screening page.

5. Inform tenants of a rental decision

Once you've reviewed reports and made your decision on whether or not to approve the applicant, you can let them know.

Click here to learn how to approve and notify an applicant

Click here to learn how to reject and notify an applicant


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