How do I change when recurring charges post?

A posting day is a setting that controls when a recurring charge processes and posts to a lease or ownership account ledger.

For example, a lease has a recurring charge for rent that adds a charge dated the 1st of each month. If that recurring charge has a posting day of 5, Buildium will add a charge dated the 1st, five days early, on the 26th of the month.

Posting days are especially useful if you mail statements to be delivered before the 1st of the month or if your residents pay online.

By default, each recurring charge in Buildium has a posting day of 5.

To edit posting days for charges:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Application Settings
  2. Click Residents
  3. Click Edit defaults, and make the changes to the posting days. You can also set a default lease type in this area as well.
  4. When you've completed your edits, click Save.
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