The Property statement report shows a summary of 'money in, money out' by way of asset (current and fixed), income, expense, liability and equity transactions for a period of time. 

Sample reports

Other report formats are available and can be generated in the software.

When to use it

  • Track the cash flow of rental properties and associations.
  • Report liabilities held.
  • Determine income and expenses recorded on a property.
  • View the amount you should pay your owners.
  • Determine when an owner was not paid the correct amount.

Generating this report

  1. Go to the Reports menu .
  2. Click the Property Statement link.
  3. Select your report parameters. More details:


    Parameter What it means

    Select a single property, association or rental owner, or a group of properties, associations or rental owners, using the filter box. You can also select all properties.

    Date range

    Selects the period for which the software will generate the report.

    Statement Message

    Adds a short message that will be displayed on your report.


    Include income statement produces a report that summarizes income and expense totals.


    Produces your report in either portrait or landscape orientation.

    Include inactive properties

    Financials from inactive properties will appear and affect the balances on the report.

    Report format

    Choose from PDF, legacy PDF, XLS, XLSX or CSV.


  4. Click Download report.


  • The beginning cash balance is the amount owed to/from the rental owner, less tenant liabilities and property reserves, as of the day before the date range of the report. For example, if the report has a date range of July 1 through July 31, then the beginning balance is as of June 30.
  • The beginning balance will represent a number other than $0 if you hold back money for a property reserve, are holding tenant liabilities, or if your reporting cycle is different than when you pay your rental owner. For example, if you pay a rental owner on the 4th of each month, a report run from the 1st through the 31st might not show a $0 beginning balance. Consider using Buildium statement period feature.
  • If a tenant paid early, there may be a spike in income for the month. Smooth things out with this topic.



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