When to use it

  • Determine if a transaction was deleted, edited, or added.
  • Determine who added, edited, or deleted the transaction.
  • Determine if a person added a transaction or if it was added by Buildium.
  • Troubleshoot a bank reconciliation; especially if the last statements ending balance doesn't match the opening cleared balance. Use the Audit log to search for recent adjustments to very old, and presumably reconciled transactions. For example, the Audit log will show how Bob edited a check last week that is dated three years ago ; the amount of the change is the exact discrepancy in your reconciliation.


Generating this report

  1. Go to Reports menu.
  2. Go to the Audit log link.
  3. Search for your transaction.

To learn the history of a transaction, click the Edit or Delete link.



  • If you're trying to find why a bank reconciliation isn't matching, check the search criteria box: Only transactions changed after reconciliation
  • The Audit log only tracks transaction edits and deletions for a period of 12 months. This timeframe was expanded in May 2010; it is possible that a full 12 month history may not yet be available.
  • If the transaction says that System completed the transaction, it means that a recurring transaction or data import produced it automatically. For example, from a recurring payment/scheduled EFT, recurring check, or recurring bill.


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