A mailing is letter or notice to a tenant, association owner, vendor, or rental owner.

For Example:

  • Welcome letters
  • Formal letters, such as a notice to pay or quit, to inform a tenant that they are late on rent and that an eviction process may begin soon.
  • Violation notices for an association or apartment community that informs a resident of the infraction, necessary steps to correct, and penalty.
In this article, you'll learn about:

Buildum provides some default mailings with your account. These letter and notices can be customized to meet your individualized requirements. You can add to the list using our mailing templates, too.

These letters are provided as a convenience and are not intended to be an exhaustive list. For example, each association has its own list of violations. Some states require a 7 day notice to pay rent or quit, others might require a 5 day notice or some other timeframe.

Buildium also offers several features that supplement paper notices. For example:

  • Late fees can automatically email the affected residents.
  • Payment reminders will notify residents when a recurring charge has posted to their ledger.
Recipient Mailing Description
Association owner Welcome Letter Welcome letter telling association owners how to access their account information online.
Rental owner Property Management Agreement Property Management Agreement
Rental owner Welcome Letter Welcome letter telling rental owners how to access their property information online.
Tenant Move-In Letter Provide new tenants with answers to basic questions they may have regarding their lease.
Tenant Move-Out with Written Notice Remind tenants who have given written notice to leave their residence in a clean and undamaged condition.
Tenant Move-Out without Written Notice Remind tenants who have not given written notice that one is required prior to vacating their residence.
Tenant Notice of Change of Rent Notify tenants of an increase in rent.
Tenant Notice that Eviction will be Filed in Court Notify tenants who are delinquent on rental payments that they will be evicted. This form allows you to legally retain a security deposit and require that the tenants vacate the premises.
Tenant Notice to Pay Rent or Quit Deliver a written notice to tenants to inform them that their monthly rental agreement will be terminated unless they pay their past due rent within a stipulated time frame.
Tenant Past Due Rent - First Notice First notice informing tenant that their rent is past due.
Tenant Past Due Rent - Second Notice Second notice informing tenant that his or her rent is past due, so any further action you may need to take will have the proper legal basis.
Tenant Violation of Pet Policy Notify tenants when they violate the pet policy of their lease agreement.
Tenant Welcome Letter Welcome letter telling tenants how to access their account information online.


In addition to this list, you can also generate select reports as mailings:

2. How to create a mailing

    1. Navigate to Communication > Mailings.
    2. Click Create a mailing, and choose the mailing template you want to use.
    3. When the pop-up window appears, click Add recipients.
    4. Select the recipients you want to send the mailing to by placing a check in the box next to their name. You can use filters to narrow down the list, depending on the recipient type of the mailing template.
    5. When you've selected your recipients, click Add selected contacts to recipient list. If you have no one else to add to the mailing, click Done adding contacts.
    6. When you've finished adding your recipients, select a mailing sender and a mailing layout. If you plan to use EZMail, keep the standard mailing layout selected.
    7. When you've finished entering information, click Save. You can also select Save & New to immediately start creating another mailing.


3. How to send a mailing

When you click Save, it will take a minute or two for the mailing to generate. 

Once generated, you'll have the option to Print manually, EZMail, or Email a PDF of the mailing.

To send a mailing:

  1. If you select Print manually, a PDF will appear with a separate mailing for each resident. Buildium fills in the appropriate information for each resident in a mailing based on the tokens in the mailing template. Print the PDF to manually mail it yourself.
  2. If you select EZMail, an order screen will pop up. Verify the order details, then click Place Order. Buildium's processing facility will print and mail the mailing for you either same day or next business day.
  3. If you select Email PDF, a pop-up window will appear where you can include an email message. The mailing you generated will be sent as an attachment to this email. Each recipient will receive their own copy of the mailing with the proper information included.
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