You can include as many recipients as you like in a single batch.

For example:

  • I paid Hank the Handyman $1,200 last year. I'll send him a 1099 form to report that total to the IRS.
  • My rental owner, Sam Smart, received about $10,000 in rents and other income last year. He is a recipient of a 1099 form.

If you need help gathering the taxpayer ID for your rental owners and vendors, use the W-9 form (Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification), available at Here is Buildium's W-9.

If you are unable to get the taxpayer ID for one of your recipients, the IRS will still allow you to file a 1099-MISC form. There may be an IRS penalty, unless you can successfully explain why you chose to work with this recipient without a taxpayer ID. In the future, get a W-9 when you begin the relationship.

You'll need to do so outside of Buildium, though. Our product requires a taxpayer ID.

  • If your recipient is not a US citizen, file form 1042-S (Foreign Person's U.S. Source Income Subject to Withholding) instead. (Buildium does not offer this service.)
  • If your recipient is a US citizen who lives outside of the United States, file the 1099 with the foreign address. Buildium will mail forms to foreign addresses. Tip: Make sure the country listed for your owner's address is correctly set as their country of residence. Often, if you receive an error, it's due to the country still being listed as United States.
  • If your recipient lives in a US territory, such as the Virgin Islands (VI), Puerto Rico (PR), and Guam (GU), select the territory in the country field and then write the abbreviation as the state.
  • If your recipient has a Military/Armed Forces "state" address, AA, AE, or AP, select the country, United States, and the abbreviation as the state.

Recipients have a special section called 1099 tax filing. You can use this section to capture a specific name or address that is only used when filing your 1099s through Buildium.


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