Return Code (R23) - Account holder refuses transaction because amount is inaccurate or other legal.

What it means

The bank account holder doesn't think the money belongs to them. They asked their bank to return the money.

How to fix it

For tenant payments, Association owner payments, and rental application fees

This return code should not apply to incoming payments.

For rental owner and vendor payments

Contact the rental owner or vendor to find out how they'd like to proceed.

Buildium strongly suggests you get epayment information from a voided check. If a voided check is unavailable, get a letter from the bank or another "official" document.


Formal Definition

R23 Credit Entry Refused by Receiver

The Receiver may return a credit entry because one of the following conditions exists: (1) a minimum amount required by the Receiver has not been remitted; (2) the exact amount required has not been remitted; (3) the account is subject to litigation and the Receiver will not accept the transaction; (4) acceptance of the transaction results in an overpayment; (5) the Originator is not known by the Receiver; or (6) the Receiver has not authorized this credit entry to this account.


Article #: 112267


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