How to change your ePay limits

Each ePay merchant account has limits placed on per transaction and monthly volume. As your needs change, business grows, rents or association fees increase, you can request an increase in your processing volume.


To increase your EFT limits:

  1. Navigate to Accounting> Banking.
  2. Then, click the bank account you want to change your ePay limits for.
  3. Click the Epay settings tab, then click Edit EFT.
  4. Select Increase limits, and fill out the form.

    You can speed up the change process by clearly explaining your reason for needing an increased limit on the form. "I've doubled the size of my business and increased Epay adoption" is a better explanation than "I want more" because it offers more context about your intentions.

  5. When the form is complete, click Next: Review changes, then submit the form.


Once submitted, collect any supporting documents that are necessary. Typically, a limit increase requires a recent bank statement. Depending on your requested limits, you may need to provide two years' of financials as well.

What's next?

Once the form is submitted:

      • If approved, your limit increase will be updated automatically in Buildium. We'll send an email to the Buildium account owner.

        From time-to-time, your requested limits cannot be granted. In these cases, you may be granted a "counter offer". For example, if you asked for a $100,000 deposit limit, you may be approved for $85,000

        For this reason, it's important to look at your dollar limits once the approval comes through.

        If you would still like a larger dollar limit than what has been granted, wait 30-60 days and try again.


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